Kevin Wilde

Kevin Wilde

I was asked why I started this site, and thought it would be nice to join in the fun and explain the beginnings with my attempt at some Yorkshire Dialect Verse.

Wheer It All Started by Kevin Wilde Listen to this verse read by Kevin Wilde

Mi Fether wer inta meckin up t'Yorkshire Dialect verse,
Well ah suppose at ‘is age t’interests cud av been worse,
He cud av been out chasin a bit o’ skirt,
Or ‘angin arahnd street corner causin’ sum ‘urt.

When ‘ee deed, an ah fand t’verse writ on t’paper, well met,
Ah thowt wuddn’t it be fair grand if ah pur it up on t'net.
Ah reconn’d ah new summat abaht t’computer lark,
Appen this wor mi chance ta help mi Dad mek is mark.

So ah gor in touch wi a few on ‘is mates,
They said "aye lad come on oer, gerr on thi skates,
Cum an see wot verses we’ve all written dahn,
Am afraid sum on us have gone a bit ter tahn".

Ah created em a site, lukkin all rustic and such,
Wi t’inflation an all, it didn’t cost much,
Ah loaded up t’verses, an tried em aht,
Then ah thowt wuddn’t it be nice if t’site cud shart.

It seemed t’rest o’ mi days, ahd be talking ter t’mike,
Tryin ter mak sense on what the’d writ, as a Tyke,
But then it wor dun, and t’internet can read,
All t’verses ta thee, even after ah’ve deed.

Hey, if I can do it anyone can, email your original verse in and join the band of Tykes.