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Savoury Fish Pie

Stuffed Fish

Savoury Fish Pie (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

Peel or steam 2lbs of potatoes & put them through a potato masher, mix in a little salt & pepper. a small piece of butter or margarine & if liked the yolk of one egg. Add a little milk if necessary.
Take a fireproof dish & arrange a border of potato all round the edge.
Brush over with a little beaten egg, if liked, then ruffle up with a fork & put into oven to get browned. Fill up middle with fish mixture.

Fish Mixture.
Tin salmon, or any cooked fish, a little tomato sauce, ˝oz butter, ˝ pint stock or milk, tiny piece of onion finely chopped.
Put butter & onion into pan & cook with salt & pepper but don't brown.
Add ˝ tablespoon flour. Cook flour for a minute or two, add stock & tomato sauce, stir over fire & let it boil then add the fish. (If you are using salmon drain the liquid off).
Re-warm the mixture when required. Put into middle of potatoes & spread round a little parsley.

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Stuffed Fish (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

Piece of middle cut of cod. Wash it & put into a slightly greased baking dish.
Chop up one onion finely & mix with it a little chopped parsley; season with salt & pepper. Mix with a little beaten egg.
Put into centre of fish, cover top of fish with some strips of bacon from which the rind has been removed. Bake fish in a moderately quick oven for about ˝ an hour. Serve in dish.