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Jugged Rabbit

Rabbit with Breadcrumbs

Stewed Tripe

Jugged Rabbit (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

Clean rabbit, cut up into joints & dry well, keep out head & liver (these can be used for stock). Dredge with flour the joints & fry them quickly so as to brown them. Put into a stew pot with stock, a piece of onion & a little clove. Add parsley, a pinch of thyme & a bay leaf (all in a bag). Add salt & pepper & put into oven. Cook for about 1 hours. Then mix up tblspn flour with a little cold water, & on to that pour some of the hot gravy, pour pack into dish and add a little gravy browning if necessary. Take out season bag & finish cooking.
Serve with a little fried bacon

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Rabbit with Breadcrumbs (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

Clean & place some pieces in a stew pot, add salt & pepper, some onion, a little stock or water, & some bread crumbs. Repeat layers again, rabbit, seasoning, onion, stock & breadcrumbe.
Put in a few pieces of butter (marg. or dripping).
Put in oven & cook with lid on for about 1 hrs.

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Stewed Tripe (Peter Denton)

1 to lb tripe
pinch grated nutmeg
pint milk
1 oz butter
1 onion ( sliced)
1 teaspoon flour
A little water
salt and pepper
Sprig of parsley

Wash the tripe, dry it, and cut into small pieces. Put it in a stewpan with the milk
And add water until the tripe is covered.Add the sliced onion and parsly and
simmer for three quarters of an hour.Then knead the butter and flour together
and stir them in. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Simmer for an hour longer
and serve very hot.

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