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Apple Fritters

Eve's Pudding

Apple Fritters (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

Batter. 2 tblspns flour, pinch of salt, 1 egg, tblespn melted butter.
Put flour into a basin with salt & make a hole in the middle. Drop into it the yolk of one egg unbeaten, add butter. Mix it to a batter with a little warm water.
Let it stand half an hour before using.
Then add white of egg, beaten up to a stiff froth, to make it light & crisp. (Yorkshire pudding batter may be used.).

Slice , peel & core some apples. Cut into slices & dip separately into batter.
Warm some dripping & when blue smoke is rising drop fritters in.
Drain them, dredge with sugar & serve on a hot dish with sugar & lemon.

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Eve's Pudding (Betty Wilde circa 1932)

1 sour apple.

Stew it with a little water & sugar & put into a greased basin. Beat together 1oz butter, 2oz sugar, add 1 beaten egg, 2 oz flour, tspn baking powder & a pinch of salt.
Turn into basin over apple, cover with greaseproof paper & steam for about 1 hour.
Turn on to a hot dish & serve with custard, if liked.