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The Yorkshire Rose taking a Bow.The vagaries of the Yorkshire Dialect are many and various, but there exists a band of enthusiasts (Colloquially known as Tykes) who are determined to see it continue by the creation of original Yorkshire Dialect Verse.
Many of the authors here are members of the Wakefield & District U.3.A.

Some of the verses have been recorded (where possible by the author), and when you see the MP3 button next to the text of a recorded verse you may download or play the MP3 version.


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If tha knows nowt, say nowt an appen nob'dy 'll notice.
Bur if tha's gor a bit er verse tha'd leek purrin' up ere then wang it dahn t'email pipe reet nah.

Ex Pats

Our Ex Pats page gives some useful links, and you can always visit ExPat Index for more Ex Pat News.

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Web yorkshire-dialect.org

To discover why this site was created take a trip here.

This site is here to encourage this creative talent from the White Rose County. If you have any original Yorkshire Dialect Verse you would like to contribute then please email me the text, and if you haven't published here before please also include a profile of yourself and if you have one attach a photo.

Where to start

My current favourite is Nowt’s Same Terday by Dennis Rhodes, and The Mechanic by the same author is worth a visit just for the last verse alone. Also take a look at Erroo'as by one of our latest contributors, Benny Wilkinson.

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