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A Collier’s Lament by Audrey Siddall

A Coil Fire by Fred Hirst

A Konsultayshun fer Nowt by Sandra Mills

A Dalesman's Litany by F. W. Moorman

A Deep Grave by Fred Hirst

A Looad O' Tripe by Nellie Dockar

A Mucky November Neet by Fred Hirst

A Pain I' T' Neck by Fred Hirst

A Pennorth 0'Spice by Fred Hirst

A Song Of The Yorkshire Dales by F. W. Moorman

A Summer Day in 1946 by Joyce Haigh

A Trip Ter T'Statley Hooam by Nellie Dockar

Adam An' Eve An' T' Apple by Fred Hirst

Ah Mun Just Tell Thee by Howard Peach

Ancestral Roots by Gerald O'Neill

An' Jesus Said by Fred Hirst

Ar Billy by Benny Wilkinson

At Sandal Castle by Dennis Rhodes

Autumn 1995 by Joyce Haigh

Awf Wakken by Fred Hirst


Bath Neet by Fred Hirst

Be A Gentleman by Fred Hirst

Bert’s Rangerover by Joyce Haigh

Bonfire Neet by Fred Hirst

Bevin Hut by Ron Chipman

Bonfire Neet Party by Nellie Dockar

Bikin’ by Dennis Rhodes

Bowlin’ by Dennis Rhodes

Broddin a List Rug by Fred Hirst

Bye Jehovah by Sandra Mills


Cambodunumby F. W. Moorman

Cancelled, One Fishin' Trip by Fred Hirst

Cheers by Gerald O'Neill

Christmas? Nay, Gi'oer Wi' Thee! by Howard Peach

Christmas Dinner by Fred Hirst

Christmas Party by Bert Greensmith

Cigarettes, Gambling and mi Gran by Gerald O'Neill

Clare by Dennis Rhodes

Clearing Aht Under T'Stairs by Joyce Haigh

Clearin’ T’Air by Dennis Rhodes

Chip Oil by Dave Hall

Colours O’T’Year by Dennis Rhodes

Coom, don on thy Bonnet an' Shawl By Thomas Blackah

Courtin' Game, Yesterday An' Today by Fred Hirst


David And Goliath by Dennis Rhodes

Dear John by Howard Peach

Decoratin' T' Christmas Tree by Fred Hirst

Denaby Neetmare by Benny Wilkinson

Dick by Gerald O'Neill

Diet Protest by Howard Peach

Divas in t’ Dales by Gerald O'Neill

Docturs & Nurses by Cliff Young

Dooahn't Be Tempted by Fred Hirst


Early Days by Ron Chipman

Easter by Dennis Rhodes

Egbert by Cliff Young

Emblems by Dennis Rhodes

Erroo'as by Benny Wilkinson


Fieldfares by F. W. Moorman

Fires In’ Eart An’ ‘Earth by Fred Hirst

First Impressions! by Gerald O'Neill

First Mistake by Benny Wilkinson

Fit For 'Eroes? by Fred Hirst

Fred by Benny Wilkinson

Friday by Audrey Siddall

Fuller Lives by Howard Peach


George by Benny Wilkinson

Gerrin Inta Shape by Dennis Rhodes

Gerrin On A Bit by Dennis Rhodes

Gerrin' Things Done by Nellie Dockar

Gawthorpe Crickit Match I' Thirties by Fred Hirst

Gawthorpe Feeahst by Fred Hirst

God's own county by Cliff Young

Goin On Sixteen by Sandra Mills

Good Owd Days by Fred Hirst

Grandads Profession by Sandra Mills

Granddad's Whar by Gerald O'Neill


Harry by Gerald O'Neill

Hell-O-Cution by Audrey Siddall

Hike by Heather Preston

His Last Sail by F. W. Moorman


I Like Tuesdays by Audrey Siddall

I Spy by Audrey Siddall

I' T' Local On A Friday Neet by Fred Hirst

In Praise of 'Yorkshire Dialect'! by Cliff Young

It'll 'E Ta Do by Fred Hirst

It'll never get well if yer pick it! by Cliff Young

It's A Man's Life by Fred Hirst


January Is by Fred Hirst

Jenny Storm by F. W. Moorman

Jesus Is Born by Fred Hirst

Just a Pal by Benny Wilkinson

Just Er Lampoo'est by Benny Wilkinson


Kanga Goo by Sandra Mills

Knaw Thi Onions by Fred Hirst


Landlord Lays It On Line by Howard Peach

Late For T’School by Fred Hirst

Len Wilde by Bert Greensmith

Lile Doad by F. W. Moorman

Little Sparrer by Fred Hirst

Liza's Love by Fred Hirst

Long Hot Summer by Dennis Rhodes

Lord George by F. W. Moorman

Love’s Philosophy by Gerald O'Neill


Marra To Bonneyby F. W. Moorman

Mary Ann's Flags by Fred Hirst

Mary Mecca by F. W. Moorman

May's Birthday Card by Nellie Dockar

Meeatin' New Neearbour by Howard Peach

Memories by Doris Rogers

Mi New Suit by Fred Hirst

Mi New Year’s Resolution by Dennis Rhodes

Mi Secret Luv by Bert Greensmith

Mischief Neet by Dennis Rhodes

Monday by Audrey Siddall

Movin' For T' Last Time by Fred Hirst

Mrs Placketts Table Leg by Audrey Siddall

Musicians and others by Gerald O'Neill

My Horoscope by Len Wilde


Next Dooar Neighbours by Audrey Siddall

Night Pest by Benny Wilkinson

Nowt does ony harm if tha doesn't overdo it by Len Wilde

Nowt’s Same Terday by Dennis Rhodes

Nut Sa Daft by Sandra Mills


On Love by Benny Wilkinson

On Thi Bike by Fred Hirst

One Came Back by Adele C. Geraghty

One Year Older by F. W. Moorman

Opera For All by Gerald O'Neill

Osses by Kathleen Parsons

Our 'azel by Sandra Mills

Our Beck by F. W. Moorman


Pateley Races by Thomas Blackah

Pay Day by Fred Hirst

Pettigrew Sends ‘em Packing by Fred Hirst

Phew! by Cliff Young

Pontifikayshun by Sandra Mills

Pony Tale by Benny Wilkinson

Pride O’ Place by Fred Hirst

Puccini and M.Butterfly reclaimed by Gerald O'Neill


Reynard by John C Stott

Right Fed Up by Sandra Mills

Robin Hood Wor A Yorkshireman by Bert Greensmith


Seven Looahves An' Fishes by Fred Hirst

Sitting Pretty ! by Gerald O'Neill

Slimming by Doris Rogers

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em by Audrey Siddall

Son Of A Collier by Daz Beattie

Spendin' Mi Saturday Penny by Fred Hirst

Split Milk by Sandra Mills

Summa ‘Olida’s by Dennis Rhodes

Summat And Nowt by Doris Rogers

Summat And Nowt Agean by Doris Rogers

Summat Ta Talk Abaht by Fred Hirst


T'Air Raid by Joyce Haigh

T’Airdressers by Brenda Watson

T’Barber’s Tale by Dennis Rhodes

T'Car Boot Sale by John C Stott

T'Concert Party Ride by Gertie Alden

T’Holly Puddin’ by Bert Greensmith

T’Lass Next Dooah by Fred Hirst

T’New Settee by Doris Rogers

T'Owd Days In Ossett by Doris Rogers

T’Traveller’s Tale by Dennis Rhodes

T'West Riding Alphabet by Fred Hirst

Telling The Bees by F. W. Moorman

Tempus Bluddy Fugits by Daz Beattie

Terday’s Young Women by Fred Hirst

That's Us by Benny Wilkinson

The Angler by Dennis Rhodes

The Artist by F. W. Moorman

The Bald Man’s Lament by Fred Hirst

The Bells Of Kirkby Overblowby F. W. Moorman

The Boozer by Dennis Rhodes

The Bride's Homecomming by F. W. Moorman

The Coilman by Dave Hall

The Collier by Dennis Rhodes

The Courting Gate by F. W. Moorman

The Dialect Class by Dennis Rhodes

The Dog by Dennis Rhodes

The Flower Of Wensleydaleby F. W. Moorman

The Flower Show by Audrey Siddall

The Flowers of Knaresborough Forest by F. W. Moorman

The Gardener and the Robin by F. W. Moorman

The Harassed Mum by Dennis Rhodes

The Head by Benny Wilkinson

The Hungry Fortiesby F. W. Moorman

The Land Army! (June1940) by Gerald O'Neill

The Local Preacherby F. W. Moorman

The Mechanic by Dennis Rhodes

The Milkman by Dennis Rhodes

The Miller By The Shoreby F. W. Moorman

The New Englishmanby F. W. Moorman

The New Husband by Dennis Rhodes

The Night The Awd Coo Died by Gertie Alden

The Note by Benny Wilkinson

The Obituary by Bill Coward

The Postman by Dennis Rhodes

The Sailor by Dennis Rhodes

The Shopkeeper by Dennis Rhodes

The Soldier by Dennis Rhodes

The Sun Worshipper by Dennis Rhodes

The Two Lamplightersby F. W. Moorman

The U.3.A. by Doris Rogers

The Village Idiot by Dennis Rhodes

The Visit by Dennis Rhodes

The Waitress by Dennis Rhodes

The’ve Cloised T’Mill by Fred Hirst

There's nivver nowt but what there's summat by Len Wilde

Things Alter by Fred Hirst

Thoroughly Modern Billy by Gerald O'Neill

Thowts Fo' T' Millennium by Fred Hirst

Tom by Gerald O'Neill

Too Sooin? by Fred Hirst

Tracing t'Family History by Len Wilde

Trubble? Wat. Me? by Cliff Young


Utopia Niver Wor by Howard Peach


Volcanoes by Howard Peach


Wahrk An' Words by Fred Hirst

Wanted - More Revs by Howard Peach

War Of The Roses by Sandra Mills

We're Off Ta Zoo by Fred Hirst

Bevin Hut by Ron Chipman

When Ah Wor A Young Un by Nellie Dockar

Wigan Stock by Daz Beattie

Willie's Welcome Home By Thomas Blackah

Winter's Comin' by Fred Hirst

Wot Abaht Termorrer by Fred Hirst

Wot Does Ta Want Ta Be W'n Tha Grows Up? by Fred Hirst

Wot S' All Ah Do Wi' Misen Taday by Fred Hirst

Write It Dahn by Joyce Haigh


Yesterday by Fred Hirst

Yorkshire Grub by Audrey Siddall