Gerald O'Neill
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Gerald O'Neill

Wife Val and I moved to Grinkle near Loftus on our marriage in July 1954. In 1998 after 44 years we decamped back to Teesside and the benefits of proximity to practical things,Shops,Doctors,Transport, Family members, all of the things necessary to sustain decrepid old age and declining mental facilities.

Ancestral Roots


Cigarettes, Gambling and mi Gran


Divas in t’ Dales

First Impressions!

Granddad's Whar


Love’s Philosophy

Musicians and others

Opera For All

Puccini and M.Butterfly reclaimed

The Land Army! (June1940)

Sitting Pretty !

Thoroughly Modern Billy



Ancestral roots by Gerald O'Neill

Ah think at w’shud sed she,
Ivveryone’s investigating,
T’family tree,
I’ cud bi a hoot,
Ef’n w’finnd oot,
At w’are reealated te t’ royalty,
Ah heeard ma ferther talkin’
An divven’t think h’war jokin’
Aboot t’greeat,
Greeat uncle lahtle Jack,
Wha tuk some money hooam,
Fra t’bank yan efternooan,
An fergot ti put it back,
Banisht te t’Australia,
Fer at lahtle mem’ry failure,
Think on aboot i’ fate,
Did e’ dee theeare intestate?
Leavin’ t’fortune i’ t’neeame,
Fer oor grievin’ fam’ly’s claim,
Er t’sheeap station
Ower theeare i’ Bungaloo?
Thin agen tha greeat aunt Clare,
Wha married t’legionnaire,
An war kidnappt
Bi t’Riffs i’ eighty two,
Sowld off in t’ market,
Ti yan Emir aboot t’ snuff it,
An became t’toast,
O’ Sidi Berani / Mersa Matru,
Awl at an mair i’towd mi,
Aboot t’ancestors worthy,
Ah’m eager fer t’mooar infoormation,
Aboot thoase diseeased reealations,
Sooa gan oot an uneearth,
Mair skellingtons pleease, pleease do!

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Cheers! by Gerald O'Neill

It’s neea good m’tryin’
Ti hide t’fact aboot flyin’
‘Cos ah just dooan lahke ‘t.

T’ very idea o’t’flight,
Gi’es raptures o’ delight,
T’t’others wha relish’t’