Benny Wilkinson
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Benny Wilkinson

Left school at 14yrs to work in the mines, went into the army and wrote love letters for the lads to earn cakes & char in the NAAFI, must be lots of old ladies with these under the impression their loved ones had sent them.(Sorry got to live with it).
Won the Radio Sheffield Poet Laureate comp in 1983 from what they tell me there were three tea chests full.
Did several broadcasts and earned money for charities by spontaneous poetry live on air. Gained an international name during the miner's strike from all over the globe.
Won the Yorkshire Town comp by Yorkshire TV, had work shown on TV.
I have produced work for several personalities. Simon Western, Yvonne Fletcher, David of Peru, H.M The Queen & Princess Di. to name a few. I received a letter from the Pope for a Millennium Anthem which sold 800 copies for Autistic Children. I visit schools to encourage kids with creative writing, and don't know how many poems I have written, besides the Yorkshire dialect verse.
I played with Ted Hughes as a boy and he wrote to me about how he enjoyed work I created about where we both lived.
I enjoy all my writing but most of all I enjoy stand up comedy, must keep it clean of course!

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