Fred Hirst
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Fred Hirst

Fred was born in 1917, educated at the Council School and Technical College. Married with six children he worked in Textile Engineering from 1932 to 1937, then in Mining on Mechanical Maintenance from 1937 until he retired in 1978. During the second world war he served with the Royal Engineers and was a POW from 1942 to 1945.

A Coil Fire

Adam An' Eve An' T' Apple

A Deep Grave

A Mucky November Neet

A Pain I' T' Neck

A Pennorth 0'Spice

Adam An' Eve An' T' Apple

An' Jesus Said

Awf Wakken

Bath Neet

Be A Gentleman

Bonfire Neet

Broddin a List Rug

Cancelled, One Fishin' Trip

Christmas Dinner

Courtin' Game, Yesterday An' Today

Decoratin' T' Christmas Tree

Dooahn't Be Tempted

Fires In’ Eart An’ ‘Earth

Fit For 'Eroes?

Gawthorpe Crickit Match I' Thirties

Gawthorpe Feeahst

Good Owd Days

I' T' Local On A Friday Neet

It'll 'E Ta Do

It's A Man's Life

January Is

Jesus Is Born

Knaw Thi Onions

Late For T’School

Little Sparrer

Liza's Love

Mary Ann's Flags

Mi Grandma

Mi New Suit

Movin' For T' Last Time

On Thi Bike

Pay Day

Pettigrew Sends ‘em Packing

Pride O’ Place

Seven Looahves An' Fishes

Spendin' Mi Saturday Penny

Summat Ta Talk Abaht

T’Lass Next Dooah

T'West Riding Alphabet

Terday’s Young Women

The Bald Man’s Lament

The’ve Cloised T’Mill

Things Alter

Thowts Fo' T' Millennium

Too Sooin?

Wahrk An' Words

We're Off Ta Zoo

Winter's Comin'

Wot Abaht Termorrer

Wot Does Ta Want Ta Be W'n Tha Grows Up?

Wot S' All Ah Do Wi' Misen Taday


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